Engagement / Day After Session information

Engagement Session-The best reason for an engagement session is it's a great opportunity to work with me for the first time and get comfortable in front of my lens and with my style. (Most packages include an engagement session.) You can also submit a shot to your local paper with your engagement announcement, use them creatively in your save-the-dates and wedding day décor, or give framed prints for your reception decor.

Day After sessions- A day-after photo shoot is when you and your new spouse get together with me for one more couple's shoot after the wedding. Many brides and grooms opt for this service as a chance to get a few low-key shots in once the stress of wedding planning is entirely out of the way. It doesn't necessarily need to be the day after the wedding (some couples have waited until they got back from their honeymoon!).

Couple Portraits- These are sessions for any purpose. They may be updated pics for family gifting, anniversary sessions, etc.


*TIMING: Please be on time. I’m a natural light photographer, so the sun dictates how long I can photograph you. Please make proper considerations for traffic delays and fashion phoohas! ;) An average shoot lasts around 1.5 hours…if you show up 30 minutes late, the session is not extended, but, rather ends at the regularly scheduled time because of lighting. Please don’t think ill of me…I just want to give you all the details in advance so that you can have the best session experience. And being on time achieves exactly this!

*LOCATION: Don’t hesitate to check out photo shoot locations in the next couple of weeks, or brainstorm some ideas. I encourage you to find a spot that reflects your love and/or a place you’ll both feel comfortable to best represent you. Suggestions to consider, mountains, lake, beachfront lake, home comfy lifestyle look, cute coffee shop, my fav historical buildings and structures, open field, downtown city views. I like to tell a story so if you are open to creating a engagement coffee table book we would discuss ideas a bit further around a theme of sorts. If you are more of a casual couple we could look at themes such as a cabin rental in the mountains, boating trip perhaps if you both love the water, or a field with horses if you both love horses. The ideas are endless so just consider spots and ideas that represent you as a couple.

. Keep in mind, many locations in Atlanta may require photography permits and/or site fee’s to shoot at their locations such as the beach, parks, etc which are not included in my collections. Once I know the location that you'd like we can start gathering the correct permit information.


*BEAUTY: Natural pale skin is my fav :) If you must be tan please opt for custom spray and avoid booths. Orange is not a photoshop fix.

Makeup should be slightly more then your everyday. If your session is in the evening I recommend fitting in professional makeup trial for this session.

Hair should be tousled, loose, wavy or just a bit of body. If you can schedule a blowout go for it!

Nails should be manicured. This very small detail that will be photographed in your closeups and you will want them camera ready.

Ring -should be sparkling :) so plan to polish of have it cleaned. Many jewelers will do it for free where it was purchased.



For her:

To achieve that romantic whimsical effect I prefer

-long or mid length skirts/dresses that are not fitted. The fabric should be able to flow with the wind or movement.

-casual look anything from jeans to shorter skirt. Try to avoid super tight fits as they tend to look stiff on camera.

-choose neutrals, taupes, whites or if you have a neutral toned location go for a bold stand out tone. Not sure just ask.

-avoid patterns as they distract

-where something you feel amazing in. You will be less inhibited.

For him:

- Nice khakis and a light blue, grey, or white button ups, blazers worn casually always look great and timeless!

-I can’t say enough about accessories guys! This is your time to add your personal touch. Shoes for the dress look, loafers for the khaki’s, watch, suspenders, hats, scarfs. Whatever fits the season and your personal style. Avoid being too bright or bold in color as to compete with your bride.


-do lay out your clothing choices and attempt to compliment, not match, but compliment in tones between your outfit selections between first and second changes. The most important thing when choosing outfits is to make sure that both of you look like you belong in the same photo.

-Have fun with it! One mistake I see people make quite often is keeping the clothing extremely simple and I dare say boring. Engagement photos should be a great example of your style. Don't be afraid to pull out a long skirt, bold formal wear, or small items that really showcase your personality.

-when planning in a historical location anything goes.. from formal and bold to loose and barefoot

-when planning an outdoor nature session I recommend visiting etsy or somewhere in expensive for a long flowy dress you don’t mind getting a bit dirty or even wet perhaps.

-when planning for the city backdrops again anything but obviously barefoot will go :)

My engagement sessions are long enough for my clients to wear at least two and sometimes three different outfits. It's totally okay to pick a variety of styles to get different looks. I also absolutely love it when my clients ask my opinion on wardrobe! You are welcome to send pics ahead and/or bring a few options along that day. I’ll be happy to help you decide.


If you’re looking for dresses check out Lulu’s!

Simple tulle skirt see ChicWish


If you want to add a bouquet to add texture, color, and use as a prop please let me know! Bouquets are priced at $175.


***MOST IMPORTANTLY - HAVE FUN! :) Engagement sessions are meant to be laid back, fun, and a chance to work together before the big day! We'll walk around and have a great time, I promise! Just be yourselves and remember to interact and laugh together. "Poses" are meant to be guides to interaction and the more you laugh, cuddle, get close, joke around the better! You can even think of it as a unique date night or morning ;) And don’t worry, I’ll be guiding you through everything as I shoot!

WHAT YOU MIGHT NOT EXPECT: Beware that it may be hot in evening sessions (especially in Atlanta),bring a bottle water for hydrating, be prepared to do some walking and occasionally some climbing - I always suggest a comfy pair of shoes to tag along with you! There may be people around especially if shooting on the weekend, it’s best to ignore them and I always try to avoid them when shooting.

Lastly, here is a link to help you make the most of your engagement or day after session! Check it out